Dropped board when dismantling scaffold

What happened?
Workers were dismantling a scaffold.

A worker was passing a 6 foot (1.8 metres) wooden board down to a colleague.  He lost balance and dropped the board.

The board grazed the colleague’s hardhat and cut his hand.

The force of the board could have caused permanent disability or fatality.

 Why did it happen?
The original scaffolding job was done flawlessly, but this job was an add-on to the original plan.

The safety risks were not re-evaluated when the scope changed.

What did they learn?
Create a safe plan to complete the demolition of scaffold.

Re-evaluate the risks when the scope of work changes.

Ask yourself or your crew
How can something like this happen here?

What actions could have been taken to safely take down the scaffolding?

When the scope of work changes, how can we reassess the risk and create a new plan?

How would you intervene if you saw this situation?

Source: Toolbox.org

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