Unnecessary Equipment at Height

DROPS recommend that all tools AND equipment are carefully assessed for suitability for use at height. Many cases have been reported where redundant or unnecessary equipment has been left at height presenting significant hazards to personnel and plant below.

Best practice reccomendations

  • Always anticipate unidentified legacy hazards (eg shipyard tools, construction debris, scaffold clamps etc)
  • Record all construction, maintenance and repair materials taken aloft. Ensure all material removed or not required is taken down safely
  • Regularly carry out a risk assessment and review of what equipment is required at height, and what should be removed
  • The review should establish whether equipment should be relocated to reduce the risk of collision with mobile equipment
  • Inspection and maintenance procedures should be revised regularly, to ensure inspection and maintenance of all equipment installed at height
  • Always carry out a final check to ensure that no tools, equipment or materials are left behind at height.